Parcel Tracking

LiteBlue Login is an online web platform specially launched for employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you are a USPS employee, you can visit LiteBlue.USPS.Gov and use the services that this portal comes with. The user interface of this login portal is extremely easy for the users to understand and thus use.

What Are The LiteBlue Tracking Features?

The LiteBlue Login also offers the customers an option to track their parcel and get a fair idea about the expected date of the delivery.

You need to input the assigned Lite Blue tracking number to check the tracking status of your USPS parcel. The parcel status is displayed based on origin, destination, class, and item. Also, the users can track the history of the item and the departments and entities associated with it.

In addition, with LiteBlue you can request email and SMS or a valid proof of order by email. You can also ask the freight manager to deliver your package to someone else (as you specified) if it is not available for pickup.

For a core audience, the postal service requires special recruiting and improvement efforts, such as:-

  • The portal provides quality customer support and solutions, protects the office, and executes strategies.
  • The customers can track the status of the item by email or at the LiteBlue USPS portal. You will receive a receipt that will be accompanied by a 16-digit code that you should keep handy until your parcel gets delivered.
  • You can also track your parcel using the SMS method. Just use the number 28777 and get the information regarding the delivery status and ETD of your parcel.

The LiteBlue Login provides the users with an extremely secure and easy way to track their parcel and thus get some idea regarding the ETD. This portal primarily intends to make sure that no employee or customer faces any issues in any aspect.